Welcome to the Healing Room

Do you regularly feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, irritable?
Is your mind constantly full of worries?
Do you feel unfulfilled in your relationships? Or feel misunderstood?
Is illness causing you intolerable suffering?

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what is a healer?

A Healer has had their body’s energy channels opened and cleared of obstructions.  This increases their connection to the infinite ‘Source’ of ULFE and they become a channel for receiving and giving ULFE. The ‘healing power’ of the Healer comes from the strength of his/her connection to ‘Source’

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About Me

“I seem to be drawn to people who need healing or who want to learn reiki. Thus, I have learned to live and work from the heart, adapting myself spontaneously to all walks of people.No two people are the same, and my Healing is guided by each person’s individual needs.”

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Energised Crystals

Crystals can be ‘energised’ with ULFE, or programmed with the energy of positive thoughts (e.g. love, self-confidence). The crystal then acts like a transmitter, radiating the amplified energy, helping to synchronise the body’s energy with that of the crystal.

Would you like a crystal energised specifically for YOU?
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  • Promote harmony & understanding in relationships.
  • Protection from negative energies.
  • For extra motivation.


What is universal life force energy?

ULFE exists everywhere in the galaxies. It gives life to matter and is essential for maintaining the orderly functionof all living things, and for raising their awareness. A deficiency or imbalance of ULFE in the body leads to illness and malfunction.

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what is positive healing therapy?

Totalistic healing of mind, body, and, soul, utilising the powerful life force energy of the Universe. ULFE is channelled from the ‘Universal Source’ to the client using several different healing systems. The increase of positive energy in the body helps to correct imbalances.

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what is distant healing?

ULFE is channelled to a client who is not physically present with the healer. When a healer’s energy flow is strong distant healing can be as effective as hands on healing
How does distant healing work?

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the healing power of gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude, a mindset. It is recognising that the lens through which we view the world colours what we see. We can choose to focus on the things we dislike and, hence, feel hard done by. Or, we can choose to notice and appreciate the goodness in life, even when things are contrary to our wishes. Read about the miracle of gratitude. CLICK HERE

the gift of ‘now’

When our thoughts are directed towards the past or future (as is commonly the case), our energy is also directed there. And we miss out on the magic and beauty of the present – we miss out on life itself. Find out how to lead a more fulfilling life. CLICK HERE

are you having difficulty changing unwanted habits & behaviours?

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