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what is reiki?

Channeling Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE), and using it for healing, is an ancient technique used by Tibetans, Shamans, Dogons and others.
The word ‘Reiki’ is a term coined by Mikao Usui in the 19th century, from 2 Japanese words:

REI = Spiritual wisdom (the higher intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe)

KI  = Life force energy. This is the same as Chi (Chinese), Prana (Sanskrit), Mana (Hawaiian)

Hence, Reiki’ literally means Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE)

Usui introduced his ULFE healing system as Usui Reiki. However, there are many more Reiki systems, all utilising ULFE for healing, eg Kundalini, Negative Entities Clearing etc.


ULFE is the energy of life itself, which is responsible for nurturing and maintaining all things. It is not exclusive to any particular belief system or way of life. Hence, anyone of any belief system or background can benefit from the practice of ‘Reiki’/ ‘Healing’.


different reiki /healing systems

‘White light’ is made up of energies of different frequencies (manifesting as the different colours of the spectrum). In a similar way, ULFE consists of energies of different frequencies.
Each healing or Reiki system channels a particular frequency of ULFE. The different energies have different characteristics. Hence, each Healing system gives slightly different benefits. Eg ‘Negative Entities clearing Reiki’ focuses on clearing negativity. However, when people use the term ‘Reiki’ alone, they are usually referring to Usui Reiki.

How does Reiki work?

Our thoughts and emotions (as reactions to our daily experiences) generate electrical charges (Positive or negative energy) within us. The flow of ULFE is responsive to these charges.

When we accept (Consciously or unconsciously) negative thoughts about ourselves (or others) or deny the emotions we are feeling, the flow of ULFE through our bodies is disrupted. When the blood supply to a part of the body is disrupted, the body malfunctions. Similarly, when the flow of ULFE to a part of the body is disrupted, malfunction and disease results.

Reiki clears, strengthens and heals the body’s energy pathways, thereby facilitating a healthy and natural flow of energy through our bodies.

Reiki accepted alongside conventional medicine

The value and benefits of Reiki are now recognised throughout the world. Many major hospitals in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, offer Reiki treatment alongside conventional medical treatment. In the UK, the NHS Trust Association (the leading professional association for primary care in the UK) recognises Reiki therapists as a legitimate part of the local primary care team.The list of medical establishments offering Reiki in the UK include:

  • University College London Hospital, NHS Great Ormond St. Hospital
  • Addenbrookes Hospital (Cambridge university)
  • Many GP and dental practices
  • NHS mental health units
  • Physiotherapy departments, maternity departments
  • Cancer UnitsReiki supports all forms of treatment. It does not replace conventional medicine. If you are unwell you should still consult a doctor.
  • what are the Effects of Reiki /healing treatment?
    • Balances the body’s energy.
    • Healing on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental)
    • Promotes relaxation, positive feelings, reduces stress.
    • Increased tolerance and ability to deal with stress.
    • Can alleviate pain and speed up healing.
    • Can ease symptoms of stress related illnesses.
    • Increased awareness and psychic abilities.

    hands on healing

    Reiki can be administered anywhere for any length of time by a Reiki trained person. A ‘typical’ session lasts 1 hour, but can be tailored to meet individual needs. The client is made comfortable, either sitting or lying down, on a couch, fully clothed (except shoes).
    During the healing treatment, the healer’s hands are placed and held lightly on or just above the head and body, in a series of locations. For those preferring not to be touched, the hands can be placed just off the body. The transfer of ULFE (Reiki) will be the same.

    People report feeling Reiki as a flow of energy, warmth, tingling, coolness or nothing at all. Whether sensations are felt or not has no bearing on the effectiveness of the treatment. Everybody responds to Reiki in their own way.
    Tasneem is a Master teacher of many healing systems. She begins her healing session by first removing negative energy from the body, chakras and aura, using ‘Negative entities clearing Reiki’. She then starts her healing.
    The beneficial effects (relaxation, feeling centred, less reactive) may be felt for several days. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after the healing treatment, to help the body detox.

    distant healing


    All matter is energy and we are all vibrational beings. The same ULFE runs through all of us. Hence, we are all connected to each other. We can direct ULFE to anyone simply by focusing our thoughts and intention towards them. (An analogy is when you are thinking of someone close to you and they happen to phone.)
    Tasneem, as a Reiki Master and teacher of many healing systems, has a strong connection to ‘Source’ and a strong energy flow. Hence, her distant healing works just as effectively as hands on.

    Distant Healing is ideal for:

    1. Clients who are unable to attend for a session in person (due to distance, illness or disability, time commitments etc)
    2. Clients who prefer to have healing in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.
    3. Clients who want the benefits of positive healing, but without having to change their daily routine. They can subscribe to have distant healing every night, from the Healing Room, while they sleep

    positive healing therapy

    Positive Healing Therapy is totalistic healing, combining the healing power of ‘Reiki’, other energy healing systems, crystals and nature.

    a healing session customised for your unique needs

    Our Reiki therapist/ Healer is based in Harrow, London. She welcomes clients for ‘hands on healing’. Healing sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs. You can also book a ‘distant healing’ session if you are unable to attend in Harrow. If you would like to book a Healing session please submit the email form, explaining what you would like the healing for, and make payment below.

    who do you care about enough to send them a gift of healing?

    Is there someone special in your life..? Who may be stressed or depressed..? Or in pain (emotional or physical)..? Or someone who may be ‘stuck’, and you would like to help them move forward..? Or just someone that you would like to see happier and more relaxed..? WHY NOT GIVE THEM A HEALING SESSION AS A GIFT? Simply enter ‘Gift’ as type of session, and for ‘additional info’ enter their name, date of birth, gender, & country of residence. Then make payment below.

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    Please enter your name & email, and indicate which type of healing session you would like (from the drop down menu). For distant healing, under ‘Additional Info’ enter your date of birth, gender, & country of residence. This information is needed to target the energy more accurately towards the recipient.

    distant healing

    30 mins session – £30

    distant healing

    1 hour session- £50

    hands on healing

    30 mins session – £40

    hands on healing

    1 hour session – £65