what is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of focusing* and stilling the mind, until it reaches a state of peaceful awareness (without thoughts, judgments, emotions.)

*Focus = a state of being in the present moment with recognition, awareness and sincere gratitude for the ‘Source Energy’, or ‘ Higher Intelligence’, which brought everything into existence and continues to sustain it.

Purpose of meditation = To still the mind, until one becomes fully aware of one’s innate connection to the infinite ‘Source’ of the Universe.

This innate connection to the infinite ‘Source’ is the essence of a Human Being.

How does Meditation benefit us?

When the mind is still and at peace, our Receiving Power increases. Hence, ULFE enters the body more easily. This has a calming and healing effect on the body and mind. It also raises our level of awareness, and helps to awaken our Hidden Power.

What should I do if I cannot empty or still my mind?

As we are connected to others through our auras, the energy of thoughts and buried emotions enters our conscious, (physical ) mind from our own subconscious and from other people’s auras. Hence, it is very difficult to completely empty the mind.

However, it is not necessary to completely eliminate all thoughts from one’s mind. It is acceptable to allow the thoughts to come, notice them and release them without attaching oneself to them.

Will Meditation still benefit me even if I cannot empty or still my mind ?  YES

The human being consists of a dense physical body (of low vibrational frequency) plus other ‘vibrational bodies’ (of higher frequencies), which constitute the different layers of the aura.

The Aura is created by the energy emitted from each of the 7 major chakras. Hence, it is composed of layers of different vibrational energy, each corresponding to one of the chakras. The ‘receiving power’ of each layer of the aura (or vibrational body) is different.

ULFE enters the body through the mind, aura and chakras

During meditation, if the mind is focused and still, the person’s ‘receiving power’ is increased and more ULFE enters the body, creating a peaceful state within us.

If the mind is not focused and still, ULFE cannot enter through the mind so easily. Hence, the feeling of calmness and serenity is not achieved immediately.

However, one need not despair or give up if one has difficulty focusing the mind during meditation. Each vibrational body (auric layer) has a different receiving power. If the aura is clean, the receiving power of the vibrational bodies still allows ULFE to enter the body through the aura.Eventually, this influx of healing ULFE will work its way through the layers of the aura and reach the physical body. The calming effect of the ULFE on the physical mind will help to still it.

In other words:

If one has difficulty eliminating ‘mind chatter’ because the receiving power of the physical body (mind) is weak, the process of regularly clearing one’s aura and chakras (through positive healing with ULFE) will automatically increase the ‘receiving power’ of the other vibrational bodies.

Hence, ULFE will still be able to enter the body and heal the physical body. Eventually, the mind’s ability to focus, and meditation skills, will improve.

However if the aura is not regularly cleaned and the ‘receiving power’ of the other vibrational bodies is also weak, then ULFE will not be able to enter the aura so easily and the physical mind may continue to be unfocused.

Regularly clearing the aura and chakras will have a more profound effect on improving meditation, than trying to ‘empty’ the mind on a physical level alone. The energy associated with thoughts and buried emotions, which lingers in our subconscious mind and aura, will continue to manifest as thoughts in the conscious mind. When this energy is cleared, the mind will naturally start to clear.

Meditation allows us to explore and rediscover the interconnection of all living things to ‘Source’. It allows us to rediscover our own true nature and origin as spiritual beings, connected to ‘Source’ as part of one single consciousness.

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