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Distant healing is any form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient, e.g. ReikiThe recipient does not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing.

Distant healing works just as effectively as hands on healing because, with Energy Healing we are working on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of an individual by accessing their energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere, at any time – it does not require the recipient to be physically present with the Healer.

how does distant healing work ?

Throughout the ages scientists have been faced with phenomena which they are unable to fully explain. Distant healing is one of these phenomena. Several renowned scientists have acknowledged the validity of distant healing, but we do not yet know precisely how it works. However, the answer may be provided by the latest research in quantum physics.

During distant healing the following phases occur:

  1. Meditative state of the Healer - According to laser physicist Russell Targ, the healer has “to focus the attention and dispassionately quiet the mind to send unconditional love and healing intentionality to the other person.”(1) Achieving the meditative state is important for the Healer, during distant healing, as our thoughts generate energy, and mental noise would weaken the strength of the healing intention.
  1. “Non-local event” – in which the actual distant healing connection occurs. It is called non-local because the healing effects are not bound by space, i.e. they do not diminish with distance. So it doesn’t matter how far apart the Healer and recipient are.
  1. Positive Effect on recipient - This depends on the intention and skill of the Healer, and ranges from healing of emotional issues to measurable physiological changes.1and 3 are easily understood, 2 is the stage that requires further explanation.

The archetypal perception of the world is that everyone and everything is separate. However, recent discoveries in quantum physics suggest that everything may not be as separate as it seems. Hence, if there is some greater connection between all beings, then it becomes easier to understand how distant healing energy ('healing intention') may be ‘sent’ from one person to another.

the science behind distant healing

‘Quantum Entanglement’ refers to a phenomenon observed by physicists, in which 2 elementary particles, emitted from the same source, remain aware of each other even after distant separation, so that an action on one causes the same effect in both. This was observed even by Einstein, who famously called it “spooky action at a distance”.(2) It was demonstrated to be unmistakeably true and measurable in the lab by Friedman & Clauser in 1972(3), then repeated on a larger scale by Alain Aspect in France(4), and several times by Nicholas Gisin in Geneva(5). David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein and a pioneer of quantum physics, called this coherence between distant entities “quantum-interconnectedness” or nonlocal correlation(6). The significance of this is that, even subatomic particles are connected to each other, and have awareness of each other.

The common understanding has been that ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ resides in the brain, i.e. it is localised. However, quantum physics is suggesting otherwise: that even the smallest of particles have awareness (consciousness) of each other. This suggests that consciousness (awareness of our selves & and our environment) exists independently of the brain, and is not localised to any particular point in time or space, i.e. it is nonlocal.

Larry Dossey, medical doctor, author, and former executive editor of the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, writes, “the mind is nonlocal that is, it cannot be localized or confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, or to specific points in time, such as the present moment.“ (7)

This idea of nonlocal awareness or nonlocal mind is gaining support by an increasing number of scientists, due to a growing body of evidence.

Henry Stapp (chair of physics at University of California, Berkley) said that nonlocality may be “the most profound discovery in all of science.”(8) Nonlocal awareness suggests that we exist as many separate bodies, but share a common consciousness.

Russell Targ is an American laser scientist and cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute’s government programme, investigating psychic abilities, for the CIA, Army Inelligence, NASA. Targ explains distant healing as a manifestation of nonlocal awareness. “A significant body of research now exists demonstrating that one person’s focused intentions can directly influence the physiological processes of someone far away. We do not yet understand the causal mechanism involved, but the results are indisputable, and have obvious implications for our ability to facilitate healing in others. This healing, whether in the laboratory or in a clinical setting, is considered to be nonlocal, because the efficacy of the healing or mental influence is independent of distance.”(9)

In his book, “Miracles of Mind” Targ writes, “For over two decades, Dr William Braud (American psychologist, director of research at Mind Science Foundation) has conducted more than 30 experiments, involving over 650 testing sessions, examining the "direct mental influence of living systems." Braud has demonstrated that it is possible for one person's mental processes to telepathically affect those of another person, both directly and from a distance. With surprising reliability, his research, along with that of his associate Marilyn Schlitz, has shown that a subject in the laboratory can influence the physiological reactions of distant people by using methods of focused mental attention.” (10)

In his writings, Targ mentions some of the numerous studies carried out on distant healing (11) which, “..reveals quite clearly the connection that exists between our minds and the universe. It is this same connection, which we call the "nonlocal mind," that we believe to be the means through which spiritual (distant) healing takes place. “ (12)

In other words, distant healing energy can get transferred over long distances because we are all connected through a common consciousness.

To sum up, in the words of: Dr Larry Dossey, (in his foreward to Miracles of the Mind), After scrutinizing this body of data for almost two decades, I have come to regard it as one of the best kept secrets in medical science. I'm convinced that the distant, nonlocal effects are real and that healing happens. (13)

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