what is a healer ?

  • Human touch conveys energy, warmth, love, healing.
  • It is an instinctive act to place one’s hand on an area of pain, or to embrace someone who is upset (i.e. in emotional pain)

Everything that has life has ULFE flowing through it.

A Healer has had their body’s energy channels opened and cleared of obstructions by the Reiki attunements. This increases their connection to the infinite ‘Source’ of ULFE and they become a channel for receiving and giving ULFE.
The Healer is simply a channel for directing ULFE from the ‘Source’ to the receiver.The ‘healing power’ of the Healer comes from the strength of his/her connection to ‘Source

positive healing therapy

Rather than seeking to alleviate particular symptoms, Positive Healing is totalistic healing of mind, body and soul, utilising the powerful life force energy of the Universe.

ULFE is channelled from the ‘Source’ to the recipient using several different healing systems including ‘Usui’ Reiki, ‘Negative entities clearing Reiki’, ‘Kundalini Reiki’, ‘Sin Ilahi/Sin Hu’ etc.

This channeled ULFE has particular characteristics. It will:

  1. Remove negative energy from your body, aura, chakras
  2. Reduce anger /irritability
  3. Increase your tolerance level – so that you can more confidently deal with whatever situation you are in, with patience and forbearance.
  4. Hence, reduce stress and promote a more relaxed, stable state of mind (resulting in alleviation of many stress related disorders.)

Our Reiki therapist / Healer is based in Harrow, London. She welcomes clients for ‘hands on healing’. Healing sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs. You can also book a ‘distant healing’ session if you are unable to attend in person.

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The Universe decides the most beneficial outcome of the Healing – Not the Healer.

 Positive healing with ULFE is totalistic healing of mind, body and soul.The energy does not target a particular area or symptom, it heals wherever healing is required. Thus, the body heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Hence, a specific result cannot be guaranteed as an outcome of the healing.

What can be guaranteed is that the person will benefit, but perhaps not in the way that they expect. E.g a painful condition may not become completely pain-free, but the person may become mentally and emotionally stronger and able to bear the pain.

The Universe decides the most beneficial outcome of the Healing, not the Healer. The Healer simply channels the ULFE from the ‘Source’ to the receiver.