how does feeling gratitude benefit us?

Gratitude is an attitude, a mindset. It is recognising that the lens through which we view the world colours what we see. We can choose to focus on the things we dislike and, hence, feel hard done by. Or, we can choose to notice and appreciate the goodness in life, even when things are contrary to our wishes.
The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts our perception and transforms the way we see the world. The joy and happiness it generates within us is enough to slice through the challenges we may face.

The feeling of connection with ‘Source’ (the ‘Higher Intelligence’ that controls the Universes), combined with sincere gratitude for everything we have, is a very high frequency vibrational energy.

It generates enough positive energy in our bodies to transmute and neutralise much negative energy and clear many energy blockages

The resultant increase in our ‘Receiving Power (ability to receive positive energies) allows more ULFE into our bodies. Hence, sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the blessings we have has a beneficial effect on our health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), and on our level of awareness.

When faced with a difficult situation, stop for a moment and consider what lesson there might be in it for you. If you are able to feel sincere gratitude for the lesson, you will notice how your energy shifts.

The energy of gratitude for life’s lessons is often enough to shake us out of our negativity; and the raised level of awareness helps us perceive positive solutions which we had not previously thought of.