energy pathways

where the attention goes, energy flows.

power of the present


Human thoughts generate energy. When our thoughts are directed towards the past or future (as is commonly the case), our energy is also directed there. And we miss out on the magic and beauty of the present – we miss out on life itself.
WHAT DEFINES OUR LIVES IS HOW WE EXPERIENCE EACH MOMENT. We can experience it with grief & regret about the past, & anxiety about the future… Or, we can choose to experience each moment with JOYFUL AWARENESS & GRATITUDE, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES. We can choose to fully engage our senses (without judgement) in the ‘NOW’ and absorb it’s powerful energy. This enables us to shape a more purposeful & meaningful existence. It allows us to experience the challenges of life without becoming overwhelmed by them. It increases our Receiving Power (ability to receive positive energies), and unleashes the Hidden Power we have within. We become powerful creators of our own destiny.

HEALING clears the stagnant energy from our minds which keeps manifesting as limiting thoughts, worries and fears, distracting us and preventing us from honouring the present moment.
MEDITATION helps to still the mind and make us become fully aware of what we are experiencing in every moment, in our minds, bodies and thoughts. Thus enriching our experience of life.
Both healing & meditation, thus, help to anchor our energy in the PRESENT, enabling us to perceive, acknowledge and appreciate the gifts and opportunities we have NOW.

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