What is universal life force energy (ULFE) ?

UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY (ULFE) exists everywhere, throughout the galaxies. It is a powerful, creative energy which gives life to matter and is essential for maintaining the lives of all beings and expanding their consciousness.

This energy is not exclusive to any particular belief system or way of life. It is the energy of LOVE*, all encompassing, nurturing and supportive towards all things. It is the energy of the ‘Higher Intelligence’ that guides the creation and functioning of the universe.


Love is more than just a feeling or affection for someone.It is sensing the infinite connection with everything, and sharing the awareness that we are all one consciousness.

ULFE enters our bodies through the mind, chakras (body’s energy centres) and aura, when

  1. We are asleep;
  2. At peace with ourselves (focused on the present moment, without distracting thoughts, fears, anxieties etc)

It is a healing energy which creates a peaceful state of love and joy within us. However, for most people, their ability to receive ULFE (ie, their ‘Receiving Power’) is limited, due to:

  1. Partially closed chakras (Caused by stagnant energy from pent up emotions, fears, anxieties etc)
  2. Unfocused mind (distracting thoughts and worries about past or future.)
  3. Blockages in the layers of the aura (negative energy)

When the flow of ULFE through the body is impeded, its essential function of sustaining orderly life is hindered. The resultant energy imbalance is the root cause of mental and physical illnesses. Most holistic therapies recognise this fundamental relationship between the body’s energy balance and its health, and focus on correcting any energy imbalances.

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“With the aid of her healing I have felt the chains of self doubt, guilt and conditioned fears fall off, allowing me to emerge as a free being and be who I want to be.Dr Nidaa, BDS (NHS Dental Surgeon)