Connection to source

how are all living things connected to each other?


  • All living things are dependent on ULFE (universal life force energy) for their existence and survival.
  • The same ULFE that flows through you also flows through all other living things.
  • Thus, we are all connected to each other by the energy that flows through us.

receiving power

is one’s capacity or ability to receive ULFE (i.e to allow ULFE to enter the body.) Receiving power* is an indication of one’s strength of connection to the Universal ‘Source Energy’ (the ‘Source’ of ULFE).


The combination of:  a) Calming the mind (e.g through meditation) and b) Clearing the aura and chakras (e.g. through healing) leads to an increase in Receiving Power, and increased connection to ‘Source Energy’. This, in turn, leads to increased awareness and increased healing power.

As one’s self-awareness increases (through healing and /or meditation), one begins to recognise and become aware of the fact that all living things are connected to, and dependent on, the same ‘Source Energy’ (source of ULFE). In fact, WE ARE ALL PART OF ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

In other words, we are all vibrational energy beings, with potentially infinite awareness and power, through our connection with the infinite awareness and power of the ‘Source Energy’. i.e. that energy which gives life, sustains all living beings, and also maintains harmony and order in the universe.

The negative energy generated by our thoughts, emotions, life experiences (as a result of our upbringing and lifestyles) accumulates in our chakras and aura, and disrupts the flow of ULFE through our bodies. This weakens our connection with ‘Source energy’ and reduces the flow of healthy ULFE into the body.

This disconnection from ‘Source’ (and the resultant sense of separateness and isolation) is responsible for all our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual disorders.

Consequences of disconnection from ‘Source’
  • Sense of separateness from others gives rise to ego, selfishness, greed etc., and their subsequent problems.
  • Sense of isolation is responsible for feelings of loneliness, insecurity, co-dependency and numerous other mental and emotional disorders.

The negative energy associated with these emotions further disrupts the flow of ULFE

  1. into the body (hence, increases disconnection);
  2. through the body – causing malfunction of the physical body and a whole host of physical disorders and diseases.

The negative energy stored in a person’s aura can also pass into the auras of other people, thereby increasing the negativity and disconnection from ‘Source’ of everybody. Positive Healing Therapy can reverse this.

Healing increases receiving power and connection to ‘Source’

When we start to clear our chakras and aura (through healing) our receiving power increases, enabling more ULFE to enter the body. This promotes healing of the body and also increases self-awareness.

When we become fully aware of our essential connection with the infinite ‘Source’ of the universe, we start to realise our potentially infinite Hidden Power*. With this new awareness, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, helplessness etc. subside and we begin to open up to our true nature as divine beings.

These feelings of joyful abundance and gratitude inject our whole existence with fresh vitality and liberate us from our mental prisons of selfish, fear-based, conditioned thinking.

Have healing every night while you sleep, without having to change your routine.